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Jeffrey Brooks Constituent, District 5
You have more than proven yourself to me. I may not agree with you on everything, but you have shown that you are thoughtful, you reason things out and you arrive at a solution/decision. I could not ask for anything more.
David PriceU.S. Congress, District 4
Jim Martin has shown himself to be an outstanding leader on the Wake County School Board—a talented teacher and researcher, a committed parent of two WCPSS graduates, and an involved citizen.  He is an effective educator and passionate advocate for students, teachers and the community.  In contrast to today’s polarized political climate, Jim brings thoughtful, evidenced based, non-ideological leadership to the Board. He has demonstrated exemplary governing skill with respect to policy, budgets, and elevating student achievement for all students.  I am proud to support his re-election.
Gary Lewis Past President, Wake County PTA Council & father of 2 WCPSS students
As a past President for the Wake County PTA, I had the opportunity to work with Jim Martin on various projects. Jim consistently demonstrated his commitment to provide all WCPSS schools and staff with the resources they need to provide a quality education to every student. I strongly endorse Jim Martin and look forward to his continued role on the Wake County Board of Education.
Cheryl ZelekRetired WCPSS Teacher
To compete in today's world, the students in Wake County, NC need a leader that puts their educational needs first and foremost.  From students prepared for advanced studies in our College Preparation programs  to workforce-ready students prepared in our Vocation Education programs, Dr. Martin has shown that he is their advocate and can make those hard decisions for the betterment of all Wake County students.
Denise FurrTeacher, WCPSS
Thank you for taking time to speak to my students. Your energy, humor and curiosity engaged, challenged and inspired them. You really have a gift for teaching. I also want to thank you for all that you do for teachers as a member of the Board of Education. It is so nice to know that that there is a person on the Board who truly advocates for teachers. Thank you for your dedication to improving our education system.

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