A letter from Jim

Dear Voter,

During the past 4 ½ years, it has been an honor to serve on the Wake County Board of Education. With the community’s support, we have removed partisan rancor from board politics, increased stability of student assignments, and returned our central focus to student achievement. I am committed to continuing this forward momentum as I seek re-election in the new District 6.

I have lived in Wake County since 1994. Here, my wife and I have raised two children, both proud graduates of the Wake County Public Schools. As a Professor of Chemistry at North Carolina State University and on the School Board, I am investing in education daily because I believe educating our youth is the most important responsibility of each generation. I know firsthand the critical role our public schools play in making Wake County one of the best places to live, work and do business.

I want to ensure a high-quality education for all students by promoting comprehensive education that teaches creativity and critical thinking while moving away from standardized testing. For every student to succeed, the next School Board needs to increase equity across our county’s schools regardless of magnet status or zip code. They must also find a way to provide adequate, sustainable school capital and operating funds. I am committed to using my skills, experience and passion to meet these goals.

Please consider donating your time or money to this campaign. And I ask for your vote on November 8.


Jim Martin

Experienced, Accessible Leader

  • Wake County Board of Education, Member (2011-present)
    • Policy Committee, Chair
    • Facilities Committee, Member
  • Professor of Chemistry, NC State University
  • UNC-System Faculty Assembly (2007-Present), Parliamentarian (2012-present)
  • Chair of the NCSU Faculty (2009-2010)

Jim Martin’s goal as a Wake County School Board member is to: govern effectively in a non-partisan fashion, exercise fiscal responsibility and bring high quality education to ALL students in ALL schools.

  • As a board member he will govern collaboratively with local municipalities and the county commissioners, build public-private partnerships, and ensure a clear focus on student achievement that is not subordinated to any partisan principle.
  • He will passionately advocate for comprehensive education, which includes the arts, humanities, languages and sciences. Understanding the limitations of standardized testing, he will push for consideration of “multiple intelligences” when assessing students and teachers. From personal and professional experience, Jim also understands and will continue to stress the importance of both academic and vocational/technical education.
  • He will seek to obtain sustainable funding for the operational support, maintenance, improvement, and extension of the school system, finding creative ways to utilize them to maximize the educational impact for all students.
  • And, from his perspective as a teacher, he recognizes that time is an invaluable resource. Responsible management of this resource includes efforts to limit bureaucracy to afford teachers the time they need for instruction and professional development.

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